The King of the Grove

Life as a slave in Rome is tough, and it’s been tougher on Rufus than those born into slavery, having lived most of his life in very different circumstances. He is determined to find a way out, or to die in the attempt.

When another slave tells him a story of hope and possibility, holding out a chance at redemption, he doesn’t hesitate to act. Escaping the city is relatively easy, but finding the slave-priest living in luxury in a lakeside temple and defeating him in combat to take his place – well, that is a significantly greater challenge.

But, like most stories about what’s buried at the end of the rainbow, the reality is somewhat different from the popularly imagined ‘pot of gold’ waiting for the lucky few.

You can download and read ‘The King of the Grove’ now and for free in PDF or ePub (for Kindles, iBooks, etc). I hope you enjoy it! As ever, if you have any feedback, you can get in touch via email or on Twitter.


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