The Silver Empress, written and narrated by Ed McWatt

Episode 0

An introduction & historical note


Episode 1

Julius – July 405 CE.

i – The Peace of Rome

In which we meet Quin – a boy struggling to get on with his sister – and his father, a man struggling to survive a hunt for a Saxon raiding party gone bad


Episode 2

Martius – March 409 CE. Four Years Later.

i – In the villa garden

Maius – May 409 CE. Day of Mercury – Wednesday

i – Unexpected visitors

In which Quin’s temper is harshly punished, and late night visitors foreshadow a coming change. Amid the family’s wealth, a client of his uncle’s begs Quin for a favour, before being interrupted by the boy’s grandmother, Juliana.


Episode 3

Day of Mercury – Wednesday

ii – Acquaintances and friends

iii – A troubled town

In which Quin & Faustinus journey to town to meet Silvi’s fiance, and meet trouble along the way. In Scole, Duke Galerius has to deal with a lynch-mob intent on getting to his prisoners. Quin strikes a deal with the Duke, to the horror of his uncle.


Episode 4

Day of Mercury – Wednesday

iv – Guests of the Villa Ursicinus

v – The gorgon-god

Day of Jupiter – Thursday

i – A death in the woods

In which Quin and Silvi spar and Faustinus vents his rage. Quin, driven to find some solitude, learns more about his father from an inscrutable Galerius. A boar hunt in the woods brings Quin face to face with death, and with questions about his new slave and the Duke.


The guest episode I recorded for David Crowther’s excellent ‘The History of England’ podcast can be found on his website. The episode focusses on the end of Roman Britain and the evidence we have for how it must have felt for the people of the time. There are even a few jokes in there – it’s well worth 15 minutes of your life.


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