The Silver Empress

‘The Silver Empress’ is a historical novel for young adults, inspired by a real-life Roman hoard and how it came to be buried

As the last remaining Roman legion prepares to leave Britain forever and barbarian raids ravage the island’s coasts and river valleys, the people left behind face an isolated and bleak future. Up to this point, Quin’s life has been one of privilege and rank, the son of a wealthy family which controls the land and population for miles around their opulent villa. But times are changing fast – the world of safety and certainty he has always known is beginning to crumble around Quin just as he learns the truth about his father’s death. Quin must balance the need to protect his sister and younger brother with the urge to keep his family’s riches out of the hands of the invaders, whilst the real danger may lie much closer to home…


Available for Kindle, iBooks and in paperback from Amazon

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I have also narrated the novel as a free podcasts series, available on this site, iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts.