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Treasure, treachery and a captivating battle of wits lie at the heart of this historical fiction, set in Roman Britain.
A well paced story with superb plot twists and beautifully realised inter-character relationships make this an exciting page turner. The historical detail is immersive and allows the younger reader a taste of the trials and tribulations of life in Britain at the end of the Roman occupation. A real bonus is that many of the objects within the story are actual discovered artefacts, that can be viewed in the British Museum. I highly recommend this book.

KS Brown, via Amazon


Surprised with how much this book grabbed me, I struggled to put it down. Not usually one for reviewing things but this is worthy of a review. The balance of detail, action and the turn of events kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. After reading it I drove out and visited the area that the book was based on – you can full put to life what the author described.

Mr B, via Amazon


Sometimes I decide to take myself out of the comfort zone of the usual genre I read and pick up a few books at random. I find it’s a good way to broaden my reading and, with luck, it takes me to interesting and unexpected places that I would never have otherwise reached. So it was with The Silver Empress. The last thing I’d read about the Romans was way back during my school years meaning I didn’t come into this with much prior knowledge. It’s therefore important to say that this book isn’t just for history buffs and so don’t let the setting deter you. All is explained as you need it! Overall, with interesting characters and a good story (which I won’t risk spoiling by going into) you end up with a book which I think anyone could enjoy. It’s left me having a look around for other similarly good books set in the same period as I’d like to read more. I suppose nothing can express how much I liked it more than that!

Chris S, via Amazon


I’ve just finished reading this. Whilst I was not familiar with the period during which the book was set, this did not matter. The story is thoroughly entertaining and I read it in a couple of sittings. I understand from a reliable source the writer is working on a sequel which I will definitely read. This is definitely worth reading and an excellent debut. Enjoy !!

Nick M, via Amazon


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